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Beer Cancake

Get Your Party On With The Beer Cancake

Give the beer geek in your life an alternative birthday cake.

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The Beer Cancake is quickly becoming a popular addition to parties, including birthday, retirement, bachelor, picnics, or gatherings with friends to watch the big game. Beer geeks love these cakes as much as they love their beer. A Beer Cancake offers a fun, decorative centerpiece for a party and creates a statement piece all the guests will talk about for many days to come. The Beer Cancake is a scrumptious sponge cake soaked with delicious beer and is hand-made in Germany using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. Because it is baked right in the can it has a natural shelf life of up to 18 months. No nasty additives, stabilizers, colorings, or raising agents are to be found in the Beer Cancake. These cakes can be customized for any occasion or party theme, making them a fun addition to any gathering.

Plan an upcoming celebration with a Beer Cancake to surprise all the guests with something they would not expect. Then see how often a Beer Cancake is requested to be featured at future parties and gatherings. A Beer Cancake is fun, festive, and ready to eat right out of the can, so it is no wonder why this has become a popular addition to party decorations.

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