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CAKE Kibb Semi-Autonomous Electric ATV

The CAKE Kibb Semi-Autonomous Electric ATV Is A Farming Tool From The Future

An electric, all-terrain four-wheeler designed to handle numerous daily agricultural tasks.

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The Swedish company CAKE is known for its dedication to creating vehicles that have minimal environmental impacts. Most famous for its electric motorbikes, the company’s innovators recently stated they’ll commit to developing an entirely new concept — the Kibb.

The Kibb is an all-terrain, semi-autonomous, electric four-wheeler specifically for regenerative farming. For decades, farming machinery has negatively impacted ecosystems with harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The Kibb serves as part of a worldwide movement toward sustainability.

The battery-powered ATV will handle light agricultural tasks with or without a driver onboard. CAKE sees the Kibb as a regenerative farmer’s new best friend, able to perform daily tasks without emitting harmful greenhouse gases. Different attachment areas will allow farmers to connect various farming and transportation accessories. The Kibb can perform many regenerative farming tasks autonomously, giving time-pressed farmers the ability to focus on other tasks.

The Kibb is currently a concept that CAKE plans to turn into a functional farm vehicle by 2025. In the next couple of years, CAKE will work alongside farmers specializing in regenerative farming, organic farming, and permaculture to ensure the Kibb reaches its full potential. The team invites consumers to follow along as the Kibb transforms from a dream into a reality.

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