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Heineken B.O.T.

Introducing The Heineken B.O.T.: A Robo-Cooler That Transports Your Beer Wherever You Go

The B.O.T. can hold 12 cans of beer, and follows its owner’s every command via a smart phone app.

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Anyone who has ever watched The Jetsons knows that technology is supposed to make our lives easier. While we do have quite a few advancements, including smartphones and voice-activated devices, we’re a long way from the world shown in Skypad Apartments. Thankfully, Heineken is bringing that future one step closer. The Heineken B.O.T., aka “Beer Outdoor Transporter,” is a cooler that will bring your beer to you, Rosey the Robot style (but without the sass). That said, looking at B.O.T.’s features, it seems more like Wall-E than Rosey, but now we’re just splitting hairs.

Since this robot is still so new, we don’t know much about how it works. However, based on the promotional video, the Heineken B.O.T. has some kind of sensor array and learns to follow its owner. It even knows to avoid potential hazards like the pool, which is helpful for summertime shenanigans. The cooler in the back holds up to 12 cans, and presumably, you can stock it full of any beverage, not just Heineken. We can’t imagine that B.O.T.’s sensors are that petty or sophisticated. Although, it would be pretty cool to see it dump non-Heineken beer cans onto the ground out of spite. Now that’s Rosey the Robot. You can enter to win your own B.O.T. here. We’re also unsure how much this will retail for, or if it’s just a marketing gimmick, but why not try and get some free, life-changing tech?

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