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Mini Pupper

Mini Pupper Is A Customizable Robot Dog

Mini Pupper is a quadruped robot that anyone can use for robotics research and experiments.

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Mini Pupper, manufactured by Hong Kong-based startup MangDang, is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The company describes Mini Pupper as “a dog-shaped robot that is aimed at stimulating and empowering your creativity.” The robot is available in an open-source kit that users assemble themselves. However, there is also a fully-assembled option, as well.

Measuring 8.2- by 4.3- by 6.5-inches and weighing in at 20 ounces, the robot can either be preprogrammed or remotely controlled in real-time, and its integrated Raspberry Pi 4B microprocessor is compatible with the Ubuntu and ROS operating systems. Mini Pupper can also be equipped with third-party devices such as a LiDAR module for scanning and mapping its surroundings, and a depth-sensing camera for identifying and tracking objects. It also has an animated LCD screen face that can be programmed to display different expressions. Mini Pupper is designed with 12-degrees-of-freedom agility, so the robot can walk at various gaits including pacing, bounding, or trotting. One 30-minute charge of its 800-mAh battery is claimed to be good for about 25 minutes of use. According to the company, Mini Pupper will be ready to ship in November of this year.

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