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Snowbot S1: Your Own Personal Snow-Blowing Robot

Snowbot S1 is an entirely autonomous and hands-free snowblower robot.

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Got snow? Snowbot S1 has the capability of clearing up snow to a depth of 12-inches. This new robotic machine is capable of mapping and navigating for simple, hands-free snow removal. It is designed to be used in any application where snow removal is needed, such as parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. It throws snow up to 20-feet away through a vertical chute that can rotate 360 degrees. An internal sensor picks up on obstacles and deftly navigates around them. The makers of Snowbot S1 claim that 99 percent of snow will be removed with one pass.

Controlling the Snowbot S1 is fun. It comes with a remote control device, but it can also be controlled with a smartphone app that is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. This is the kind of futuristic gadget that will make people wish for a snowstorm. A rubber-tipped auger draws the snow in and moves it through the housing and up through the chute. Different patterns can be programmed in, with the vertical chute turning as needed when the housing turns, creating neat snow piles wherever the user wants. It has a maximum two-hour operating time, and it recharges itself in its own dock while turning itself off for safety. This is a game-changer in snow removal.

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