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The Most Immersive Simulation Experience: SimXperience Stage 5 Full Motion Racing Simulator

Simulate almost any aircraft or car and track with the SimXperience Stage 5.

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$ 25,000

For those looking for a realistic simulator that mimics the sound, feel, and visual display racing brings, the SimXperience Stage 5 Full Motion Racing Simulator is sure to excite. This state-of-the-art simulator comes jam-packed with everything racing enthusiasts need to feel like they are part of the action. The simulation device comes with 48 different races available with nearly every car, racing condition, and track, giving gamers plenty of options. The device and software even include a select variety of aircraft to experience in the simulator.

The power of the SimXperience Stage 5 Simulator begins with three 55-Inch display televisions that blend VR with high-definition. The screens allow for a realistic onboard experience while still allowing friends and family to view the action. The included Virtual Reality headset gives a personal immersion experience. Couple the visual display of the SimXperience Stage 5 Full Motion Racing Simulator with 1000-Watt Dolby THX/Dolby Digital Surround sound that includes a 5.1 speaker system. The simulator also provides plenty of customizable and optional upgrades like a custom Alienware simulation PC, G-Force Body Pressure Simulation, and an optional G-Belt Active Harness Tension System. The entire simulator comes with multiple available software upgrades giving the simulator years of longevity and use as cars and tracks evolve and change.

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