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Unitree A1

A Robotic Dog, In Case Your Super Won’t Let You Have A Real One

The Unitree A1 robotic dog travels at a rate of up to 10 feet per second while using a dynamic balancing algorithm to stay on all fours.

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Make absolutely no mistake about it: the future is here. Although we’re not necessarily traveling around in flying cars like we were promised, the next generation of modern technology has shown itself in a variety of other ways and the Unitree A1 is here to prove it.

The Unitree A1 is a robotic dog that comes with excellent athletic performance. It uses sophisticated technology to achieve high-speed running with a maximum continuous outdoor speed of about 10 feet per second. That speed is more than enough to leave all of your friends and their furry better halves in the dust. The high strength and light body structure make it oh-so-easy to maintain. It also comes with an advanced dynamic balancing algorithm that allows it to quickly find its balance, even in the event of something like an impact or fall. Unlike your typical canine companion, you won’t have to worry about it being obedient either.