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Mercedes-AMG Roof Box

Carry More On A Grand Tour With The Mercedes-AMG Roof Box

Grand touring in an AMG GT coupe just got a lot easier with the unveiling of the Mercedes-AMG roof box.

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The appeal of owning a Mercedes-AMG GT coupe is a performance-focused vehicle that doubles as a grand touring sports car. But, as with any travel situation, one of the more annoying dilemmas is not having enough space for the essentials. The romance of traveling the continental highways in a two-seater GT car can be spoiled when you have to choose between a suitcase and passenger. Having a Mercedes-AMG cabin filled to the brim with stuff also can spoil the grandness of touring. With that, Mercedes-AMG has unveiled an aftermarket solution to this first world problem.

The Mercedes-AMG roof box is an aerodynamic storage container designed to fit 2021 Mercedes-AMG models. The box is made from a durable all-weather resistant plastic that weighs only 57 pounds but can hold a max payload of 145 pounds. Its aero shape is finished in comet-grey magno, fitted with a wind slicing fin at the top and rear diffuser at the bottom. Mercedes claims the diffuser helps reduce road noise. There are two versions of the Mercedes-AMG roof box, one tailored for AMG coupes and the other for all Mercedes-Benz cars equipped with base-railing carriers. The roof box uses a quick-release clamping system and can be opened from either side. According to Mercedes-AMG, the roof box is rated for legal speeds up to 80 mph. Pricing for the roof box will be announced when it goes on sale in November of this year.