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Amalgam Collection MERCEDES-AMG ONE

Amalgam Collection Mercedes-AMG ONE: A Tribute To Hypercar Excellence

A 1:18 scale model, measuring over 10 inches long.

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$ 1,210

The Amalgam Collection has produced a string of highly sought-after racing car models that capture the impressive ergonomics and engineering that make their full-scale counterparts so aesthetically stunning. The latest addition to their line of limited edition models continues this exceptionally precise engineering that incorporates the casting of individual parts using CNC-machined metal components. The Amalgam Collection MERCEDES-AMG ONE is a 1:18 scale model of one of Mercedes’ most iconic sportscars in recent years and has been hand-built and assembled by a small team of dedicated craftsmen.

The MERCEDES-AMG ONE saw the company bring the best in Formula One technology to the road driving experience, delivering a high-performance two-seater and a true hybrid sportscar for those who can afford it.

With its muscular chassis design, large wheel arches, stylish air inlets, and undulating lines, the MERCEDES-AMG ONE captures each design decision that helped make the limited edition car sell for close to $3 million. The model reflects the high-end talent that helped with its design, including the leading experts at Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Powertrains in Brixworth.

Additional touches that help bring the scale model to life include the seamlessly integrated LED headlamps, an extra air inlet on the roof blending into the vertical shark fin, and a chunky exhaust pipe. Bringing each of these elements together in a stunning scale replica, the Amalgam Collection MERCEDES-AMG ONE is another outstanding release for car lovers.

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