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LEGO Retro Radio

Dial Back To The 50s With LEGO’s Iconic Retro Radio

The LEGO Retro Radio can play preloaded sounds or house a smartphone to stream whatever tunes you prefer.

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$ 100

LEGO takes a nostalgic leap back in time with its latest creation, the LEGO® Icons Retro Radio. This innovative 906-piece set is designed to captivate music lovers, art enthusiasts, and nostalgia buffs alike, blending the iconic music styles of the 1950s and 1960s with the creativity and playfulness LEGO is known for.

As you piece together the LEGO Retro Radio, you will be transported to a bygone era of vibrant colors and expressive music. The set is engineered to mimic the operation of a classic radio, featuring a functional dial that turns the sound on and off and switches between different pre-recorded sounds in a soundbrick. Adding a contemporary twist, it also includes a discreet compartment in the back panel where you can insert a mobile phone to stream your favorite tunes or radio stations, effectively marrying vintage aesthetics with modern technology.

The design details of the LEGO Retro Radio are crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia. It sports a mint green exterior, complemented by faux wood-colored trimmings and a magnified-looking tuner window, all reminiscent of mid-century style. The classic speaker slits add to the authentic retro feel, making this set not only a fun project to build but also a stylish decorative piece for any modern interior.

Available exclusively to LEGO Insiders from June 1st, 2024, for $100, the LEGO Icons Retro Radio is set to be a hit among collectors and music fans. It is an ideal gift that combines nostalgia, creativity, and interactive play.

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