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LEGO TIE Interceptor

May The Fourth Be With You: LEGO To Release Star Wars TIE Interceptor Ahead Of Star Wars Day

Celebrate your love of a galaxy far, far away.

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The Star Wars universe continues to evolve, with countless television shows on Disney Plus expanding the lore of the science fiction franchise and introducing new characters, worlds, and technology. At the same time, fan appreciation for the original trilogy remains as strong as the Force, and the new LEGO TIE Interceptor stands as a testament to the classic’s enduring legacy.

This highly detailed, large-scale model of one of the franchise’s most iconic spaceships is an impressive 40 cm long. It was constructed from nearly 2000 pieces and aimed at LEGO fans over eighteen. One of the original LEGO Star Wars releases has been redesigned from the ground up to accurately reflect the distinctive tie-shaped wings, laser cannons, rear engine, and cockpit interior.

With step-by-step instructions to assist with the construction, it also comes with access to the LEGO Builder app for a CAD-style breakdown of the build process, complete with rotating view tools to check out all the angles. This offers a level of interaction not seen in the original LEGO model, with opening cockpit hatches allowing the Minifigure pilot to be inserted into place.

The LEGO TIE Interceptor is less of a toy and more of a stunning display piece, and the company has seen fit to include a brick-built display stand in the package, complete with an information plaque with space for the pilot and droid. The result is a stunningly detailed model that Star Wars and LEGO enthusiasts alike will be eager to add to their collections.

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