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LEGO Ideas Family Tree

Build Memories And Display Moments With The LEGO Ideas Family Tree

Relive cherished memories with the LEGO Ideas Family Tree.

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$ 80

Unlock your inner builder and create a stunning piece of home decor with the LEGO Ideas Family Tree. This ingenious set allows you to celebrate your family’s history and unique moments while indulging in the timeless joy of brick building.

Designed for adults, the LEGO Family Tree offers a delightful way to showcase cherished photos, messages, and mementos. With 16 hanging holders, this brick-built family tree stand becomes a personalized gallery for your small photos and other paper keepsakes. The hidden storage compartment at the tree’s base is filled with delightful accessory elements, enabling you to customize your tree’s appearance seasonally or to your heart’s content.

As you craft this 1,040-piece LEGO masterpiece, you can adorn your family tree with a toy plane, a kite, bird boxes, bird figures, and even a charming Filipino butterfly. The set includes flower elements to grace the grass-colored base and a selection of other items for added customization, like binoculars, food elements, roller skates, and a magnifying glass.

Embrace the calming and mindful art of brick building with step-by-step instructions included in the box and on the LEGO Builder app. The LEGO Ideas Family Tree is not just a beautiful display piece; it’s a heartfelt gift for adults, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply as a creative endeavor shared with family and friends. So, mark your calendar for February 1st and seize the opportunity to bring your family’s story to life with this $80 masterpiece. This buildable family tree measures over 11.5 in. high, 7 in. wide, and 7-in. deep.

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