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Craighill Flux Table Light

Meet The Craighill Flux Table Light

Not just a lighting fixture—it’s a statement piece that promises to revolutionize your living space.

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Great interior design often succeeds by incorporating discreet lighting, creating areas of interest, and accentuating the lines and texture of furniture and other fittings. The new Craighill Flux Table Light, billed as a “beacon for curiosity,” exemplifies just how effective an attractive light source can be when bringing a room to life.

Inspired by the fluctuating light emitted by candles, the Craighill Flux Table Light replicates the appearance of dripping candle wax on top of a column to create a glowing beacon. Designed by Hunter Craighill, it’s an ode to the wandering mind, emphasizing the importance of creating a calming space to unwind or focus on your creative endeavors. As such, the shape of the Craighill Flux Table Light is fitting, opening out from the orange base, suggesting a flower’s emergence.

This suggestion is particularly appropriate considering using sustainable, plant-based polymers in its construction, bringing together a practical application of sustainable design with a naturalistic form. The Craighill Flux Table Light also features a fully dimmable, museum-grade LED light and switch for optimal lighting, whether unwinding with a drink or delivering more powerful illumination for reading.

With a small footprint of just 4.5″, the Craighill Flux Table Light is the perfect lamp for a side table, whether beside a bed or a spacious living room couch. It’s also available in three striking colors, from the hugely popular persimmon to naturalistic forest and stone designs.

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