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PHILIPS Twilight sleep and wake-up light

Philips Hue Twilight Lamp Transforms Sleep And Wake Routines

This smart lamp mimics natural sunrise and sunset rhythms, promoting better rest by aligning with your body’s light cues.

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$ 280

Philips Hue’s Twilight smart lamp is designed to revolutionize your sleep and waking experiences. This innovative lamp mimics the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset, promoting better rest by responding to your body’s light cues. No more fumbling for light switches in the dark or jolting awake to harsh morning light. The Twilight ushers in a new era of sleep optimization through its intuitive lighting features.

The Twilight lamp offers more than just a simulated sunrise and sunset. With customizable buttons for six different light scenes, including settings like “Arise” and “Sleepy,” you can create the perfect ambiance for any moment. Feeling tired? A dedicated sleep routine button initiates a gradual dimming process, bathing the room in soft red tones before reaching complete darkness to prepare you for a restful night’s sleep. Waking up feeling groggy? The Twilight’s built-in wake-up routine mimics a natural sunrise, gently increasing the room’s light over a set timeframe, easing you into a more energized morning.

But the Twilight’s brilliance extends beyond its core functionality. The lamp boasts two distinct light sources: a backlight and an illumination head. This innovative design allows for independent control of each light source, enabling you to create customized lighting effects or target specific areas of the room. For instance, you can keep the backlight on low for a calming ambiance while using the illumination head for reading tasks. 

Available in white and black, the lamp is 13 inches tall and has two buttons to control the light directly, plus you can use the Hue app to set wake-up automations that gradually brighten the lights.

Priced at $280, the Twilight is an investment in sleep quality. Designed to help you feel more recharged throughout the day, this bedside lamp uses science-backed scenes for mood-boosting lighting. And with ColorCast gradient projection technology, it brings beauty to your bedroom.

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