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Rễ Cây Lighting Collection

Rễ Cây Lighting Collection Displays The Rich History Of Vietnamese Dó Paper

This unique series is inspired by the rich heritage of Vietnamese craftsmanship.

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Steffany Trần, founder of New York-based studio Vy Voi, introduces the Rễ Cây Lighting Collection, a unique ensemble that marries her Vietnamese heritage with contemporary design. The collection springs from an exploration of contradiction—a theme often viewed negatively—yet Trần uses it to illustrate how disparate elements can coalesce into harmony and balance. Each lamp in the collection represents a distinct facet of how tension can be transformed into something refreshing and restorative.

The Rễ Cây series features five table lamps: Sắn (Cassava) Light, Cà-rốt (Carrot) Light, Củ Cải (Radish) Light, Khoai Môn (Taro) Light, and Củ Đậu (Jicama) Light. These designs embody the essence of growth, with paper shades that blossom from their elegantly crafted porcelain bases. The use of historic Dó paper—a material with over 800 years of history in Vietnam—highlights Trần’s commitment to incorporating traditional Vietnamese materials into modern aesthetics. This paper adds a cultural narrative to each piece. It enhances the lamp’s functionality with its fabric-like texture and embedded organic bits of Dó bark, beautifully illuminated by the lamps’ dimmable features.

The contrasting ceramic bases, hand-thrown and glazed in the Vy Voi studio, add a sleek and polished finish, providing a sturdy foundation that complements the delicate paper shades. Priced starting at $3,200, the Rễ Cây Lighting Collection is a testament to the beauty of cultural heritage fused with modern design, offering a piece of art that lights up rooms and conversations alike.

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