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GoSun Chillest

GoSun Launches The Chillest, Its Dual-Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer

The Chillest has all-terrain wheels plus thoughtful extras like inside lighting, tie down straps, and organization baskets.

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Portable refrigerators, aka electric coolers, are becoming a mainstay of car camping. The brand GoSun has introduced a unique new portable dubbed the GoSun Chillest with some unique features, from built-in Bluetooth to an onboard battery. The GoSun Chillest is, in short, a portable refrigerator/freezer. It runs on electricity stored in a battery, not directly from the sun (although the sun can charge the battery). It has two chambers, and the user can set the temperature of each individually. So you can have one side as a freezer and one as a fridge, or both as a freezer or refrigerator.

While this is not unique to GoSun, it is certainly great for campers who want to keep fresh foods at the campsite. Still, GoSun does have some standout engineering. Among high-end portable refrigerators, very few, if any, have built-in batteries. Instead, they opt for an easy connection to your vehicle’s electrical system. The Chillest has a built-in lithium-ion battery that the brand claims can run the cooler for up to 10 hours on a charge. While the number of hours it will run per charge will vary dramatically depending on the outside temperature, as well as the inside temperature setting, it is still an appealing concept. Go Sun’s Chillest is being funded through Indiegogo and will be shipping in July of this year.

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