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MILLAB - Wireless Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

Presenting MILLAB’s Wireless Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

Compact yet mighty, it’s your anywhere, anytime coffee companion, surpassing expectations.

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As any coffee aficionado knows, freshly ground coffee beans offer the best-tasting results, whether you’re brewing an espresso, cappuccino, or Americano. Grinding coffee beans allows for more consistent quality, with naturally present oils retained for great tasting results. MILLAB’s Wireless Portable Electric Coffee Grinder looks set to simplify the process while also opening up opportunities to grind beans on the move. Its direct bean-loading feature makes it incredibly easy to use, with a compact and streamlined design capable of fitting snugly in a small bag. This design extends to its precise engineering, removing the need for repetitive motor disassembly and painstaking maintenance.

This approach to cutting-edge design and engineering means the Wireless Portable Electric Coffee Grinder offers consistent results and optimal performance. Incorporating their patented ‘Spike to Cut’ grinding mechanism, it creates uniformly milled coffee grounds that enhance their richness of flavor. The result is a heightened sweetness and depth of taste for pour-over coffees.

The coffee grinder is also fully adjustable, with the patented point-to-point mechanism easily altered to one of 60 high-precision settings to get the perfect grains. Using a simple dial system, it can grind throughout the range from coarse to fine, making it suitable for everything from rich French press coffees to smooth and creamy espressos.

With its long battery life capable of grinding over 130 servings, the MILLAB Wireless Portable Electric Coffee Grinder is a compelling option for coffee lovers. Available in black or silver, it also comes with a stand and a selection of maintenance tools including a brush, spray bottle, and air blower. Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the coffee grinder will be ready to ship in March.

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