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HiBREW G5 Electric Coffee Grinder

Experience Perfectly Ground Coffee Every Time With HiBREW G5 Electric Coffee Grinder

With 36 grinding settings, you can customize your grind for a near-perfect taste every time.

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For coffee lovers, having the perfect grinder is essential to achieving the ultimate cup of joe. That’s why the HiBREW G5 Electric Coffee Grinder is a game-changer in the coffee world. The HiBREW G5 boasts an innovative structural design that includes two grinding angles, 15° and 90°, which ensure smooth and thorough powder flow. It also features a top powder blower, which allows for a powder extraction rate of up to 99.8%. This grinder delivers a smooth grinding experience while meeting the ultimate requirements for coffee powder quality, whether for Turkish, Espresso, Mocca, Drip Coffee or Pour Over coffee.

The HiBREW G5’s unique powder blower design achieves an impressive 99.8% powder extraction rate, meaning you can extract more coffee powder from the same amount of beans compared to other regular grinders. It precisely grinds coffee beans to the desired consistency, reducing coffee bean waste. Plus, with 36 grinding settings, you can set the grinding level according to your personal preferences, resulting in a near-perfect taste for every cup of coffee.

The HiBREW G5 has undergone thousands of experiments to design two adjustment angles for grinding or powder outlet: 15° and 90°. The 15° grinding or powder outlet angle is precisely calculated using principles of dynamic aesthetics. This angle improves grinding efficiency, ensures smoother powder output and effectively avoids powder scattering.

This coffee grinder is built with a professional-grade 40mm conical burr that has efficient grinding capabilities, grinding coffee beans into an evenly fine powder with minimal residuals. The HiBREW G5 utilizes a CNC 5-axis precision steel grinding core and a high-precision metal gearbox, enabling smooth transfer of motor power to the conical blades for grinding coffee beans. This design ensures that the grinding process is uniform and efficient, leading to a smooth and consistent extraction of coffee powder. The HiBREW G5 Electric Coffee Grinder is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

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