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Fellow Finca Tamana

From Bean to Cup: Unveiling The Secrets Of Finca Tamana Coffee Farm

This picturesque coffee farm is home to some of the world’s finest Arabica beans.

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That daily Starbucks run or at-home Folgers drip coffee just not cutting it anymore? It’s time to elevate your morning cup of joe with a fresh and full-bodied Colombian lot by Tim Wendleboe, a Norwegian coffee aficionado who wrote the book on coffee roasting for the modern age.

As is most Colombian specialty coffee, this lot by Tim Wendleboe has been washed using the traditional method of removing the pulp of the sweet fruit from the coffee beans before they are dried. This method is typically done so coffee drinkers can enjoy the true taste and origin of the bean, and we have no complaints!

The complex flavor profile and firm structure of the Finca Tamana beans ring true to their origin – the town of El Pital in Colombia is revered for its full-bodied coffee that not only stimulates the senses but offers a unique experience to any palate.

With flavors including elderflower, blood orange, herbal tones, green apple acidity, and molasses, the Finca Tamana drop by Fellow is one that can not be missed. At just $17 a bag, your jaw will hit the floor and you’ll be ready to take on anything with a caffeinated pep in your step.

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