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DeLonghi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker

DeLonghi’s Drip Coffee Maker Offers An Eco-Friendly Brew

The coffee maker provides three brewing styles—drip coffee, espresso-style, and Over-Ice.

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Few things are as subjective as a cup of coffee, but stay-at-home baristas can count on DeLonghi’s TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker to at least provide a consistently delicious cup of coffee for espresso-based experimentation. The TrueBrew is a feature-packed bean and brew management solution boasting surprisingly eco-centric chops. The whole TrueBrew setup revolves around the idea of using freshly-ground beans for every cup – to the point where users can set a timer to have their beans ground and find a fresh cup of joe waiting in the kitchen each morning.

The eco-friendly piece comes in once the auto-clean function clears out the reservoir of used grounds. It condenses the grounds into neat little pucks that can be added to the soil of acid-loving plants.

Besides making it easy to do right by Mother Earth, TrueBrew can serve out java in sizes from three-ounce espresso pours to 24 ounces, offering lots of variety for homemade macchiato machinations. The machine also offers espresso, light, gold, and bold styles. It even features an Over-Ice setting that won’t turn iced coffee into a watered-down mess (if customer reviews are to be believed).

Coffee connoisseurs can choose between a black matte version ($400), a stainless steel and black matte combo ($500), or a $600 stainless/black combo version that includes a 40 oz thermal carafe for sharing the joy of precision-brewed joe.

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