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Driftaway Coffee Subscription Personalizes The Coffee Drinking Experience

A curated selection of coffee from around the world delivered to the subscriber’s door.

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The morning cup of coffee is a ritual for many people. It starts the day with a boost of flavor and caffeine. The Driftaway Coffee Subscription seeks to enhance coffee-drinking rituals by delivering fresh, single-origin coffees to the subscriber’s door. The company takes service a step further by personalizing the subscription with coffees tailored to the subscriber’s taste.

With so many subscription services available, choosing another solely for a morning cup of joe may seem like overkill. However, take a look at the four significant benefits of a Driftaway Coffee Subscription. The company delivers coffee to the subscriber’s home at a frequency that keeps them from running out. Meanwhile, the service learns each subscriber’s favorite coffee flavor profiles and sends new coffees that fit.

All Driftaway coffees come from smallholder farmers. Subscribers learn the stories behind the coffee, and each purchase gives back to those farmers through Driftaway’s sustainability program. Finally, every Driftaway coffee comes from a single traceable origin. Subscribers always receive freshly-roasted coffee.

A Driftaway Coffee Subscription is a way to sample coffees from around the world in a way that’s sustainable and beneficial to the area’s local farmers. Subscribers also appreciate the included postcard providing information about the coffee beans, the region, and the farmers. Interested coffee drinkers can subscribe for repeat deliveries on the Driftaway Coffee website or choose from several other products, such as single bags, coffee gear, explorer kits, and more.

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