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Wunderground Wunderkit

Wunderground Coffee Introduces Its Wunderkit

Wunderground Coffee Company was created to help everyone find a pathway for creative expression.

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The Wunderground Wunderkit features not one but three different coffees from Wunderground Coffee, a Seattle-based company making a name for itself in the world of java. The Wunderkit contains three 12 ounce bags of Time to Rise, Brainchild, and Hocus Pocus. Time to Rise is a whole bean coffee, medium roast coffee. Its ingredients come straight from Guatemala and Colombia, having been purchased directly from smallholder farmers, where 75% of the premium price goes back into their pockets.

The same is true of Brainchild, which is a premium ground Arabica coffee that has been nitro flushed for peak freshness. However, this variety also introduces Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms. According to Wunderground, “Lion’s Mane powers up the brain and keeps us out of the dumps. Think of Cordyceps like cardio for your noodle. Go be brainy.” Hocus Pocus is a ground coffee with extracts from the organically grown Chaga and Reishi mushrooms for immunity “to give our immune system an unfair advantage over the troublemakers.” And, no, these are not psychedelic mushrooms, rather they are medicinal (sometimes called functional or adaptogenic) mushrooms, used for their potent antioxidants to create balance in the body and our immune system.

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