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Coffee Manufactory El Salvador Metapan

Coffee Manufactory Unveils El Salvador Metapan

This offering is the collective effort of six coffee producers in the Metapan region.

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The River of the Maguey region, also known as El Salvador’s Metapan district is situated in the Mountain Range of Alotepec-Metapan, a part of the Santa Ana district. It is in this unique locale, with its fertile soil, that Coffee Manufactory El Salvador Metapan is derived. In 2016, California-based Coffee Manufactory began roasting two blends for Tartine Bakery: its 01 Espresso and 02 Filter. Since then, the brand has expanded its offerings and key partnerships to become an exciting and diverse specialty coffee roaster. Included in Coffee Manufactory’s offerings is now El Salvador Metapan, with its rich taste and a subtle red current-like acidity that ideally pairs with the natural nougat sweetness.

Unfortunately, in past years, the Metapan region has had difficulties accessing markets and regularly producing high-quality coffee due to inconsistent yields and coffee leaf rust. Three years ago, Alejandro Valiente, an advisor to agricultural workers throughout Central America, began helping the farmers in the region, teaching them techniques like drying practices, wet milling, and more about general plant health. He has also taught the communities of the region how to access international markets, and their collective production has been a group effort consisting of six coffee-producing farmers within the Metapan region. Due to Valiente’s efforts and the valiant work of the regional farmers, the world can now enjoy the taste of the unique Coffee Manufactory El Salvador Metapan.

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