Coffee Manufactory Rwanda Mushaka Coffee

Coffee Manufactory Rwanda Mushaka Coffee

Driven by ethical labor and delicious beans.

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Around the world you’ll find some incredible coffee. Unfortunately, you’ll also find laborers exploited by massive corporations. Many of these regions do not have laws about how workers are paid or taken care of. This is where Coffee Manufactory steps in to make a difference. The company is all about working directly with local farmers and roasters. By cutting out massive-chain middlemen, the company is able to deliver you high-quality products while ensuring that workers throughout the production process are treated ethically. Built on that philosophy, the company offers distinctive tastes with a variety of roasts from some of the world’s best sources.

The Coffee Manufactory Rwanda Mushaka Coffee hails from the eponymous East African country. Some of the best coffee in the world comes out of this region. The soil and altitude produce a naturally sweet bean for a refreshing cup of coffee. Coffee Manufactory works with the Mushaka Wet-mill, which is a privately owned washing station. The beans are picked and sent here for washing, before dried on African beds for up to 22 days to ensure their bold flavor.