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Sightglass Kenya Baragwi AA Coffee

Sightglass Presents The Highly Celebrated Kenya Baragwi AA Coffee

Just as Hawaii has 100% Kona, Kenya has Kenya AA. Both are highly celebrated in their respective regions and are evaluated multiple times to ensure their quality.

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Sightglass is an independent, sibling-owned coffee company in San Francisco with over ten years in the industry. The company takes its name from the ‘sightglass,’ the viewing window on their vintage PROBAT coffee roaster, that exposes the complex and delicate process of roasting coffee. Sightglass has released its Kenya Baragwi AA Coffee, sourced from one of the oldest coffee cooperatives in Kenya. When it comes to a coffee region that can produce top premium gourmet coffee with consistency, coffee snobs will point to Kenya. It is a famous coffee region known for a well-developed palate as the beans contain a full spectrum of flavors and nuances.

The Sightglass Kenya Baragwi AA Coffee offers delicious notes of blackberry, creme brulee, and ruby grapefruit — all coming together to form something so fresh that you can literally taste the history behind each sip. The Baragwi AA coffee is grown at an altitude between 5,000 and 6,000 feet on the southern slope of Mount Kenya, which features volcanic soil with an endless supply of fresh mountain water from the nearby Kii river. This means that the Sightglass Baragwi coffee is literally harvested in one of the most desirable coffee regions in all of Kenya.

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