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Blossom Coffee Roasters Los Milagros Espresso

Blossom Coffee Roasters Introduces Los Milagros Espresso

Perfect for a wide variety of espresso drinks and deliciously complex when served as a drip or french press coffee.

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UK-based Blossom Coffee Roasters has released its Los Milagros Espresso, a full-bodied coffee roasted specifically with espresso brewing in mind. Produced in the Chiapas region of Mexico, which is home to dozens of small-scale coffee growers, the primary focus is growing organic coffee. These coffee growers are members of an organization called CABIOCHI, which was created with the objective of working in an environmentally friendly way to produce coffee, specifically avoiding chemicals that adversely affect their soil.

Los Milagros is Blossom Coffee Roasters’ first espresso from Mexico. This coffee is full of dried fruit and nectarine, all of which comes together via a sweet caramel base. It offers a clean, sweet, and well-balanced texture with a complexity that is described as equal parts “round” and “lovely.”  Los Milagros tastes great when paired with milk and even when served black, so it truly has something to offer just about everyone.

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