Super Veloce RS Black Edition

This Porsche-Inspired Espresso Machine Will Supercharge Your Morning Routine

The Super Veloce RS Black Edition emulates the engine block of a Porsche 993, packing the same burst into each cup of espresso it brews.

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$ 11,120

Each cup of espresso from the Super Veloce RS Black Edition gives you a rush of energy on par with the horsepower of its Porsche-inspired design. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, surgical-grade stainless steel, and titanium comprising this espresso machine is molded into a design that emulates the flat-six engine that powers a sportscar with a racing pedigree — the Porsche 993. For decades, the 993 has powered Porsches on race tracks the world over. Now, its powerful performance packs a punch by providing your morning pick me up.

Much like that iconic Porsche, the aggressively styled mechanics of the Super Veloce RS Black Edition are as much about aesthetics as they are performance. The symmetrical design of the 380mm long, 420mm wide, and 340mm high downsizes the engine block so it can comfortably fit on your kitchen counter. The anodized satin black finish of the engine block is complemented by a subtler shade of black adorning the cylinder heads with a stark contrast provided by elements made from the sterling stainless steel. The menacing, masculine styling fits in with the steel-clad faces of modern appliances. An eye-catching power button serves as the ignition switch to get your day started and your engine revving with a caffeine rush that captures the essence of the race track.