Brooklyn-Based Terra Kaffe Presents The TK-02, Its Next-Gen Smart Espresso Machine - IMBOLDN
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Terra Kaffe TK-02

Brooklyn-Based Terra Kaffe Presents The TK-02, Its Next-Gen Smart Espresso Machine

The only super automatic coffee machine on the market capable of brewing both true drip coffee and espresso.

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$ 995

Terra Kaffe recently unveiled their most advanced automatic espresso machine yet, the Terra Kaffe TK-02. The company says the TK-02 delivers unparalleled precision from the whole bean to create the full range of espresso favorites, including cappuccinos and lattes. And Terra Kaffe says the TK-02 is the first machine to brew both espresso and drip coffee with the press of a button. The Terra Kaffe TK-02 comes with a milk carafe and birchwood scooper for ground beans. The company says TK-02’s auto-adjust conical burr grinder grinds beans precisely for perfect espresso shots. And the TK-02 boasts an anti-stick hopper to handle any coffee bean, whole, or ground, efficiently.

What’s more, the TK-02 app provides intelligent connectivity, enabling users to save espresso bean profiles and create custom profiles for their favorite coffee drinks. The app also includes auto-wake, enabling the user to set the Terra Kaffe TK-02 to auto-brew. When it comes to functional design, the TK-02’s heating element and precision frothing dial work together to give users complete control of the quality of the foam, regardless of the type of milk they use. The Terra Kaffe TK-02 espresso machine features easy maintenance, with a water tank and waste bin on the front to seamlessly empty and refill with no extra effort. Terra Kaffe says they expect shipping to begin in early spring 2023. A fully-refundable deposit option is available.

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