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Rapha Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

Rapha Unveils Its Limited Edition Rocket Espresso Machine

Rapha Cycling Club members will have exclusive access to the limited-edition R Cinquanotto (R58) Espresso Machine.

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$ 3,725

Members of the Rapha Cycling Club have reason to celebrate with a new, limited edition R Cinquantotto espresso machine set for release. Handmade and built to order, the Rapha Cycling Club will enjoy 100 exclusively designed and manufactured machines to enjoy fresh espresso brewed and delivered at the perfect temperature every time. The Rapha Rocket R58 Espresso Machine is designed for the espresso connoisseur at heart with optimum performance and design features.

Handmade in Milan and made to order, the machine features two independent PID-controlled boilers for independent brewing and temperature adjustment. Dual boilers provide temperature stability to deliver unparalleled perfection. The Rapha Rocket R58 Espresso Machine features a rotary pump to draw from the internal water reservoir. Controls are intuitive and straightforward with the touch-screen display and automatic on/off features. Other specifications for the Rapha Espresso Machine include a 2.5-liter water reservoir with the option for direct water connection, no-burn steam wand, stainless steel drip tray, and copper and brass tubing and fittings.

The limited-edition Rapha Rocket R58 Espresso Machine is custom-built by hand, and each order takes approximately 12 weeks to deliver. The overall size of the finished product measures 12.2-inches wide x 17.3-inches deep x 15-inches high.

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