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Benchmade 4000-211 Collectors Edition 3 Piece Set

Benchmade Unveils Its One-Of-A-Kind Collectors Edition 3 Piece Set

Each knife in the set — a chef, utility, and paring knife — comes with a 14-degree edge Damasteel® blade.

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$ 2,400.00

You don’t have to be a professional chef to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the Benchmade 4000-211 Collectors Edition 3 Piece Set. To be clear, this is a kitchen cutlery set imbued with masculinity. From the gold-plated ring inset in the handles to the distinct Baldur™ pattern on the Damasteel® blades. According to Damasteel, “Baldur is so bright that light shines from him.” Baldur, of course, is a God in Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin and is known for being handsome and just. Now, imagine using the 8” Chef knife, 6” Utility knife, or 4” paring knife, etched with the trademarked, elegant Baldur™ pattern. These knives are almost impossibly beautiful, yet wonderfully functional. Arctic Storm Fat Carbon Handles fit nicely in the hand. The knives are well-balanced, raising prep work to a near art form.

The chef and utility knives boast .61” thick handles, while the paring knife has a hefty .58” handle width. All the handles are finely designed with a mystic-looking blue and brown design. Benchmade has used their famous SelectEdge® technology to create a 14-degree knife-edge that is razor-sharp. It is, in fact, the sharpest blade that Benchmade makes. Suitable for gift-giving, the Benchmade 4000-211 Collectors Edition 3 Piece Set comes complete inside a deep brown walnut wood case. This set is a limited edition, so it will also serve as a collector’s item to be handed down through the generations.

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