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Per Finne Design Umami Santoku Chef’s Knife

This beautifully designed knife that balances form and function should feel like an extension of your hands.

A good chef’s knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. It’s the most important piece in an arsenal of tools that the chef uses to create his culinary masterpieces. For those that are skilled in the kitchen, holding it becomes second nature, much like an extension of their hands. Although it can be seen as a purely utilitarian tool, there’s beauty in the shape that reflects its purposeful function.

The Per Finne Design Umami Santoku Chef’s Knife has been designed with the intent for people to feel the pleasure of preparing everyday food. By carefully balancing form and function, Per Finne Design created a knife that not only works as a tool but enhances the experience you have with it. Made from molybdenum vanadium steel with an oak handle, it’s designed to feel comfortable enough in your hands for a smooth transition between the handle and the blade. With a variety of gripping possibilities, the Umami Santoku Chef’s Knife will make the blade feel like an extension of your hands.