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xbloom Studio Coffee Machine

Xbloom Studio Offers Barista-Quality Coffee At Home

The xBloom Studio integrates a grinder, brewer, and scale into one sleek unit.

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$ 499

Meet the xBloom Studio, the coffee machine that’s transforming the way we enjoy our favorite brew. Designed for those who crave the perfect cup, this all-in-one marvel integrates a grinder, brewer, and scale into a single sleek unit. Built with BPA-free food-grade plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and food-grade silicone, the xBloom Studio exudes quality and durability.

From the moment you see it, the xBloom Studio’s modern design and attention to detail are evident. The intelligent LED display matrix and tactile control knobs make it user-friendly and intuitive. Its precision engineering ensures each brew consistently reproduces the intended flavor profile, offering a reliable coffee experience every time. With Bluetooth connectivity, the xBloom app allows you to adjust settings, create and save recipes, and monitor the brewing process in real-time, bringing your unique blend to life.

The xBloom Studio’s grinder module offers grind sizes from 1 to 80 and rotational speeds between 60 and 120 RPM, perfect for various brewing styles. The brewer module features adjustable water temperatures from 40 to 98°C and customizable pour styles to ensure optimal extraction. The scale module’s precision of 0.1g within 1 kg ensures accurate measurements for your coffee grounds using the magnetic dosing cup.

This machine offers three distinct brewing modes: Autopilot for fully automated brewing, Copilot for customizable brewing experiences, and Freesolo for independent operation of the grinder, brewer, and scale modules. These modes cater to both novice and experienced coffee enthusiasts, making the xBloom Studio the ultimate coffee companion.

Priced at $499, the xBloom Studio combines technology and craftsmanship to deliver an exceptional coffee experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for convenience or control, this coffee machine has you covered.

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