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Milano Coffee Turks Crown

Milano Coffee Turks Crown: A $100 Espresso Worth Every Sip

Turks Crown offers a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary.

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In the world of coffee, innovation knows no bounds, and Vancouver’s Milano Coffee is proving this point with its extravagant celebration of its 20th anniversary. The coffee shop and roastery, known for pushing the boundaries of coffee excellence, has unveiled its latest creation – the groundbreaking 20-bean espresso blend, aptly named Turks Crown.

What sets the Milano Coffee Turks Crown apart from traditional espresso blends is its unique composition. While most espresso blends consist of five or six beans from various origins, Turks Crown takes it to the next level with a staggering 20 different single-origin beans sourced from farmers around the globe. According to Turko, the mastermind behind this extraordinary blend, it’s a “first in the world for espresso coffee.”

The exceptional quality of Turks Crown has already been recognized on the global stage, earning a prestigious gold medal in international competition. Now, in honor of Milano’s 20th anniversary, this limited-edition espresso blend is available to the public.

However, innovation comes at a price, and Turks Crown doesn’t come cheap. Priced at $100 per bag, it’s aimed at connoisseurs and those who seek the absolute best in coffee. For those who want to experience it without committing to a full bag, single shots will be available at Milano’s bar for $6 each.

Turko, the master blender behind Milano’s award-winning blends, emphasizes the importance of balance in espresso. Every flavor note in the Milano Coffee Turks Crown is discernible, making it an experience that unveils the true essence of coffee.

Turko’s passion for delivering the best coffee extends to the Milano experience, where customers can enjoy tasting flights of various brews. He also offers expert tips for savoring espresso, such as aeration and adding a touch of sugar to round out the flavors.

Milano Coffee is not just a coffee shop; it’s a family business with a rich history. Turko’s journey began under the guidance of Italian Master Roaster Francesco Curatolo, and he eventually took over the business in 2003. Today, Milano Coffee boasts multiple locations in Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Calgary, along with the original Turks Coffee Bar on Commercial Drive, celebrating its 25th year.

Despite its remarkable achievements, Milano remains humble, with a focus on delivering exceptional coffee that resonates with their customers. For Turko and Milano, it’s all about infusing soul and heart into every roast, ensuring that each cup of coffee tells a story of passion, dedication, and innovation.

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