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Alessi Slow Coffee by Keiji Takeuchi

Alessi Slow Coffee By Keiji Takeuchi Proves Mornings Should Not Be Rushed

A new percolation device designed by Japanese innovator and designer Keiji Takeuchi.

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The perfect cup of coffee takes time. World-renowned designer Keiji Takeuchi is on a mission to assist coffee drinkers in preparing coffee that tastes, smells, and even appears better than anything a traditional Mr. Coffee coffeemaker can produce.

The Alessi Slow Coffee set by Keiji Takeuchi provides the tools necessary to make fresh, aromatic, and delicious coffee. The complete set includes a coffee grinder, a heat-resistant glass carafe, a porcelain filter holder, and an 18/10 stainless steel filter. Users grind the beans, then brew coffee through slow percolation. This difference between the Slow Coffee setup and a traditional coffee maker is clear from the first sight and smell of the brewing process.

The Italian homewares brand Alessi and Japan-born Takeuchi believe making coffee is a ritualistic experience that should never be rushed. Slow Coffee creates more than the perfect carafe of “joe”; it turns a formerly dull part of the morning routine into a delightful experience for the mind and senses.

Not your average percolator, Slow Coffee’s simplistic, aesthetically pleasing design is something buyers will be proud to put on display. However, serving coffee to guests is when the device will truly impress. Shop the Alessi Slow Coffee by Keiji Takeuchi on the Alessi website now.

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