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Balmuda’s The Brew Aims To Create The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The classic art of brewing coffee and cutting-edge technology combine for an aromatic and delicious cup of coffee.

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People around the globe have been attempting to make the perfect cup of coffee for centuries. Coffee lovers have preferred methods, whether via drip, a coffeemaker, a French press, a percolator, an espresso machine, or another form. Japanese small appliance designers and makers Balmuda recently released a new way to make coffee that they believe has perfected the art.

The Brew is a state-of-the-art coffee brewer that uses temperature technology to keep water at the ideal temperature throughout every step of the brewing process. It also automatically calculates the pouring volume and steeping time, dropping the perfect amount of water at the correct intervals to create an aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee with a clean aftertaste.

The Brew is a technical appliance with numerous components working together to create an ideal cup of joe. The user turns on the machine and chooses whether they prefer iced, strong, or regular coffee. They select the size of the pour and press start. The perfect pot or cup of coffee is then just minutes away.

Like other small appliances by Balmuda, The Brew is technological yet sleek. The chic matte black and stainless steel design makes it handsome enough to display in any home or office. It’s also just 5.5 inches wide, allowing it to tuck into small areas without taking up too much counter space.

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