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DJI Power Series

DJI Breaks New Ground With Its Power Series

These power stations offer fast charging for DJI drone batteries and power for common household devices.

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The DJI brand is synonymous with precision and performance. Dedicated hobbyists and professional videographers favor its range of high-quality drones, gimbal stabilizers, and filmmaking accessories. Its latest release, the DJI Power Series, combines its dedication to exceptional build quality and reliability to deliver a reliable power source for lengthy location shoots.

The new collection includes two power banks, beginning with the DJI Power 500, which delivers a maximum 1000W output power for fast charging of drones and other filmmaking gear. It’s fully certified for various safety measures and has dual USB-C two-way ports to recharge multiple devices quickly. Additional ports for AC, SDC, and USB-A connections expand its versatility, making it the go-to charging system for a full suite of cameras and drones.

Video content creators who need more bang for their buck can take advantage of the extra power offered by the DJI Power 500’s bigger brother, the DJI Power 1000. With 2400W of output power capable of a full charge in seventy minutes, the Power 1000 is tailored for professional shoots in remote locations and flexible enough to cater to a broad range of applications. As with the DJI Power 500, the included SDC power cable allows for solar recharging with connection to solar panels via MPPT modules or car power outlets.

While DJI is known for its video gear, the flexible application of the new DJI Power Series makes it ideal for off-grid camping trips, whether charging a portable refrigerator or camping light.

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