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DJI RS4 Series

DJI’s Next-Gen Ronin Gimbals Have Arrived

The DJI RS4 Series offers an OLED touchscreen and automatic screen lock that ensures intuitive operation and prolonged battery life.

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The new DJI RS4 Series represents an evolution in camera gimbals designed to empower both independent video creators and professional studios. Celebrating a decade of innovation since the inception of the Ronin series, DJI unveils the RS 4 and RS 4 Pro gimbals, packed with cutting-edge features and improvements.

The RS 4, a compact powerhouse weighing 3.1 pounds, boasts enhanced axis locks for superior stability, a versatile joystick mode switch, and an expanded tilt axis to accommodate camera accessories seamlessly. Its OLED touchscreen now includes an automatic screen lock feature, optimizing usability and conserving battery life.

Delivering unrivaled endurance, the RS 4 comes equipped with the BG21 battery grip, offering up to 12 hours of runtime. For extended shooting sessions, DJI introduces the RS BG70 high-capacity battery grip, providing an impressive 29.5 hours of power.

For professional studios, the RS 4 Pro sets a new standard with lidar focusing technology, dual focus and zoom motors, and an innovative Car Mount mode for stabilized footage in dynamic settings. With increased motor torque and a payload capacity of 10 pounds, the RS 4 Pro ensures precise tracking and responsiveness, even with heavier camera systems.

Available now, the DJI RS4 Series starts at $549 for the RS 4 and $869 for the RS 4 Pro, ushering in a new era of creativity and versatility in videography.

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