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Pentax 17 Half Frame Compact Film Camera

Ricoh Drops New Pentax Half-Frame 35mm Film Camera

Designed to bridge the gap between vintage aesthetics and modern social media sharing.

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$ 500

Ricoh Imaging has recently unveiled the PENTAX 17, a compact film camera that marries classic film photography with modern social media trends. As a half-frame camera, the PENTAX 17 utilizes a 35mm film to capture two vertical-format pictures on a single frame, each 17mm x 24mm, closely mimicking the aspect ratio popular on smartphones. This feature makes it an excellent tool for photographers who enjoy the tactile feel of film but want to share their work online easily.

The PENTAX 17 is steeped in Ricoh’s rich photographic tradition, drawing inspiration from the celebrated PENTAX Espio Mini and the 1962 RICOH Auto Half. It features a newly developed 25mm F3.5 lens, equivalent to 37mm in full-frame format, treated with HD coating to enhance image clarity and sharpness. Designed for durability and a classic aesthetic, the camera’s body is crafted from lightweight magnesium alloy, and it supports a wide range of filters via a 40.5mm mounting thread.

Not just about looks, the Ricoh PENTAX 17 boasts a zone-focus system with six selectable focus zones, allowing for versatile shooting from long distances to 25 centimeters in macro mode. Its optical viewfinder, designed for clarity and ease of framing, includes a bright, Albada-type frame finder. The camera offers seven shooting modes to suit various lighting conditions and scenarios, from full auto to bulb mode for long exposures. Priced at $500, the PENTAX 17 perfectly blends nostalgia and modern functionality, appealing to film enthusiasts and social media-savvy photographers.

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