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Haptique RS90 & RS90X Smart Universal Remote

Haptique RS90 & RS90X Are Game-Changers For Your Home

These devices transform how you interact with every gadget in your home.

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Cantata, a startup blending French, Indian, and Chinese expertise, is setting out to revolutionize the way we interact with our home electronics through its debut products: the Haptique RS90 & RS90X Smart Universal Remotes. This sleek device, reminiscent of a futuristic Motorola RAZR, offers an intuitive blend of touchscreen functionality and physical buttons encased in an elegant aluminum body. Available in light silver and gunmetal gray, the Haptique RS90 is designed to control virtually any device in your home, from traditional infrared appliances to modern Bluetooth and ZigBee smart home systems.

The RS90, along with its advanced version, the RS90X, is currently available for pre-order via Kickstarter with plans for wider retail release. The RS90X enhances the experience with an OLED display, increased memory, and the latest Android 12 OS, compared to the RS90’s LCD screen and Android 8.1. Both models promise a dynamic user interface that adapts to different activities, such as streaming on Netflix or listening on Spotify, displayed on a 3.1-inch screen.

Beyond the aesthetics and high-tech specs, Cantata is backing these devices with a three-year warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction. With features like an in-built microphone and upcoming voice command capabilities for major streaming devices, the Haptique RS90 & RS90X series is poised to be a game-changer in the realm of universal remotes, blending high functionality with modern design.

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