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Assouline Uzbekistan Notebooks

Assouline’s Uzbekistan Notebooks Are Inspired By Central Asian Artisans

These five unique notebooks are inspired by traditional techniques and designs used by artisans from Uzbekistan.

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Assouline has established its presence in the publishing industry as one of the leading producers of luxury volumes dedicated to art, culture, and the natural world. Book collectors and history enthusiasts prize its limited edition releases because of their stunning photographs and illustrations.

The same level of production value is apparent in its new Assouline Uzbekistan Notebooks, designed with sophistication and reflecting the publisher’s characteristic approach to beautiful aesthetics. Five notebooks are in the latest collection, each sporting an eye-catching, colorful cover design drawn by a variety of artists based in Uzbekistan.

The Suzani version presents a gorgeous red floral design with a similar vibrancy and vivid colors, which is also present in the Gold Dauri notebook. Meanwhile, the Gold Ganch notebook design caters to people who appreciate more abstract imagery, with an intricate golden pattern embossed on the front and rear covers. The gold theme continues throughout the collection with the Gold Chapan design, resembling a classic standard from yesteryear that combines floral elements against a deep blue background.

Rounding out the Assouline Uzbekistan Notebooks collection is the Ikat design, delivering a brighter color palette with vivid red and yellow elements that pop off the cover. Each notebook comes with an attractive red linen carry bag featuring the Assouline brand’s logo, preserving its premium quality and making it ideal for a gift.

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