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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Triumph

Wild Turkey Triumphs With 10-Year-Old Master’s Keep Rye

Triumph is the oldest age-stated rye whiskey ever released by the famed Kentucky distillery.

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$ 275

Wild Turkey has just announced the release of Master’s Keep Triumph. This 10-year-old rye whiskey marks a significant milestone for the iconic American whiskey brand. This latest addition to Wild Turkey’s highly collectible Master’s Keep series is not only the oldest age-stated rye ever released by the distillery but also a testament to the enduring spirit of Kentucky rye whiskey. Crafted by legendary Master Distiller Eddie Russell, Triumph showcases a sweet honey and warm spiced profile, setting a new benchmark for what rye whiskey can be.

The journey to Triumph began a decade ago when Eddie Russell, inspired by his son and Associate Blender Bruce Russell’s love for rye, decided to explore the potential of this bold and spicy spirit. At a time when rye whiskey’s popularity was waning, many distillers chose to remove it from their shelves. However, Wild Turkey remained steadfast in their commitment to producing high-quality rye, with staple products like Wild Turkey 101 Rye keeping the spirit alive. The name “Triumph” celebrates the modern revival of rye whiskey and Wild Turkey’s dedication to the craft.

Master’s Keep Triumph is the eighth release in the Master’s Keep series, which began in 2015 as a platform for Eddie Russell to showcase his unique approach to whiskey making. The extended maturation of Master’s Keep Triumph has resulted in a complex and bold flavor profile. Bottled at 104 proof (52% ABV), the whiskey features sweet honey and clove notes that transition to flavors of dark chocolate, dates, and spice, culminating in a rich mocha coffee and black pepper finish. While many ryes are enjoyed in cocktails, Triumph’s refined profile makes it ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks.

A limited quantity of Master’s Keep Triumph will be available through an online presale in early June, making it a perfect gift ahead of Father’s Day. Priced at $275, whiskey enthusiasts and collectors expect this exclusive release to be highly sought after. Wild Turkey encourages fans to sign up for its community newsletter to receive more information about the product and presale availability. Master’s Keep Triumph is a tribute to the dedication and vision of Eddie and Bruce Russell and the enduring spirit of Wild Turkey Rye.

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