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Chef’n S’mores Roaster

Create A Favorite Camping Treat With The Chef’n S’mores Roaster

The Chef’n S’mores Roaster brings the outdoor fun inside.

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$ 50

Who doesn’t like s’mores? Well, maybe a few folks—maybe. But, OK, let’s refine the question: Who doesn’t like making s’mores? Even those who don’t love the actual taste of gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate sandwiched by graham crackers—and just writing that makes us really doubt said people actually exist—can probably get behind the process itself, what with the cheery fire and the handheld roasting sticks. As much as a campfire out in the woods contributes to the appeal of this classic rustic confection, there may be times when s’mores-making is called for and yet a campout or backyard fire isn’t feasible or desirable. Enter the Chef’n S’mores Roaster for the win.

This little puppy brings the magic of making and (messily) consuming s’mores indoors. The burner runs off chafing fuel, the flame neat and tidily contained within a wire mesh insert surrounded by a ceramic dome. There is a metal tray around the fuel container useful for staging and prepping ingredients: it is ideal for warming up those graham crackers and melting down that chocolate. Stainless steel roasting sticks serve as ideal implements for getting the marshmallows magnificently molten. And the whole Chef’n S’mores Roaster contraption sits atop a crisscross wooden base that evokes a traditional firewood arrangement, without the hassle of actually building and maintaining a campfire. Just beware: S’mores could become a nightly habit in the kitchen with this thing ready to hand.

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