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//SKID Wooden Chef Knife

This ecologically sustainable wooden chef knife offers a light and stable grip in your hands, while also being self-cleaning and antibacterial.

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A reliable chef knife is an indispensable tool at the kitchen, where the chef can have total control over his ingredient and creation. It’s the one tool that most chefs carry wherever they go, making sure that their knife feels comfortable in their hands, no matter what the situations. However, despite some efforts to explore new materials, most chef knives have stayed the same.

The //SKID Wooden Chef Knife by LIGNUM is a uniquely designed wooden chef knife that gives you more control in an ecologically sustainable package. The knife is unlike any we’ve seen before, with it’s body is made from wood with a thin strip of carbon steel blade attached to it, offering a light and stable grip in your hands. Made from Robinia wood, it is self-cleaning and naturally antibacterial, while the hand-crafted blade made from carbon steel in Magdeburg, Germany stays sharper for longer than stainless steel and is easier to sharpen to the level of a razor blade.