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Rapha Explore Powerweave Shoe

The Rapha Explore Powerweave Shoe Is Made For Fast-Paced Off-Road Riding

The Explore Powerweave Shoe targets riders who explore way beyond the conventional tarmac route.

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$ 355

Designed with off-road riding in mind, the recently launched Rapha Explore Powerweave Shoe is ideally designed for all-terrain cycling. The Rapha Explore features an advanced version of Powerweave, where the base 3D woven polyester structure is intertwined with a thermoplastic polyurethane yarn. The result is smoother tactility, with the benefit of superior resistance to scuffing and abrasion damage, two important considerations with any all-terrain cycling shoe. With its BOA Li2 Fit System Closure and carbon sole this cycling shoe is reinforced to ensure both comfort and stability, no matter the surface.

Prior to launch, the Rapha Explore Powerweave Shoe made its way across multiple continents from the sands of the Sahara to the Dolomite Trails on the feet of professional athletes. They endured backpacking expeditions and ultra-endurance races that crossed thousands of kilometers. Rapha’s description of their Powerweave Shoe says it all as it describes it as a “high-performance all-terrain cycling shoe purpose-built for fast-paced off-road riding.”

Trans Am winner Lael Wilcox, put the shoe to the test wearing them as she cycled the mountainous Redington Pass in Arizona, which included some challenging, snowy conditions. She said, “I love the new Powerweave shoes. They’re extremely comfortable for all-day riding. I particularly like the material and the Boa Fit System. They’re lightweight, roomy, and sharp-looking — unlike any other cycle shoes I’ve worn. They feel like a combination of loungewear and performance.” Available in both black or navy, the Explore Powerweave have toe strap and heel elements that are reflective, and the toe and heel feature extra reinforcement on top of the yarn upper.

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