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Rapha Pro Team Shoes

Rapha Releases The Streamlined Pro Team Shoes

A one-of-a-kind 3D-woven knit upper makes the Rapha Pro Team Shoes lightweight, durable, and perfect for cycling for hours on end.

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$ 355

Cycling is one of the most grueling sports imaginable. The Tour De France is the world’s most challenging endurance race, taking everything imaginable out of its competitors. Fortunately, the Rapha Pro Team Shoes give some semblance of comfort to the rigors of cycling. Each pair uses a single piece of 3D-woven fabric for its upper. That section of the cycling shoes are ultra-lightweight, super breathable, and provide a friction-free fit that doesn’t cut up a rider’s foot after hours of pedaling. The fabric is even finished with a hydrophobic treatment that regulates temperature and repels moisture.

The Rapha Pro Team Shoes build that knit upper on a carbon fiber sole for a durable base that doesn’t add on any extra weight. The sole has a molded heel cup that conforms to each rider’s foot. 100% stainless steel 3-bolt bolt cleats mount onto pedals every bit as snuggly as the shoes’ fit.