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GORUCK Sandbags 2.0

GORUCK Sandbag 2.0 Is More Or Less Bulletproof

Take your workout to the next level.

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GORUCK’s Sandbag 2.0 has been designed to take a lot of abuse – so much so that the designers chucked one off the top of their 45-foot office building during testing to ensure it survived the trip (spoiler: it was fine). Suffice it to say that the bag can handle being thrown down between sets or at the end of a vigorous training session.

Where GORUCK has made improvements mostly centers around sand retention. When a bag is thrown down, all the sand rushes forward, threatening to spill out. With the 2.0, GORUK replaced the filler bag’s old double-enclosure Velcro system with a triple-enclosure system that should keep just about every last grain of sand locked down.

A two-inch piece of webbing helps the bag keep its shape while at the same time improving its stability, and the resilient YKK zippers and their silent zipper pulls will keep users from sounding like Santa setting down his sack of toys at the end of every set.

In addition, the neoprene-wrapped handles are some of the most comfortable on the market, which is saying something, given that comfort can sometimes be the difference between a couple of extra reps per set. Aspiring trainees can find GORUK’s Sandbag 2.0 on Huckberry’s site for $150.

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