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Pulsetto Delivers Instant Stress Relief And Better Sleep

Pulsetto stimulates the vagus nerve, decreasing stress and anxiety and improving sleep.

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For people struggling with daily stress, there’s a new product coming to the market. Pulsetto is a safe, easy-to-use device that targets the vagus nerve, sending electrical pulses to your neck. These pulses decrease your heart rate and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. By stimulating this process, Pulsetto can help you feel calmer, less worried, and less nervous, and improve your quality of sleep.

The device centers around the science of the vagus nerve. This nerve, located in your neck, controls vital bodily functions like your immune system, heart function, and digestion. These functions, when stimulated the right way, have an impact on your levels of anxiety and stress.

Pulsetto is designed to fit around most necks and is adjustable for the perfect fit. To use, just apply the included gel onto your neck, put on the Pulsetto device, and pair it with the Pulsetto app. The app has different programs to help you accomplish different goals, like getting better sleep or reducing anxiety. And the best part is there is no subscription fee: just a one-time purchase of the Pulsetto device is needed! Production on the second-generation device has already begun, with shipments scheduled to begin in February 2023. Pulsetto is safe, FCC-certified, and portable for use anywhere you go.

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