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The Withings Body Scan Offers A Range Of Health Monitoring Functions

The new device offers electrocardiogram measurements and nerve activity assessments, on top of body composition tracking for individual body parts.

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Withings has created a new device that allows people to take control of their health by tracking key metrics in only a few minutes a day. The Withings Body Scan is the next evolution of health monitoring systems, offering a practical and convenient approach to everyday healthcare and fitness. The Body Scan can track up to eight independent users, monitoring all aspects of health ( with a simple, daily check-in. Users simply have to stand on a scale, grip the monitoring bar, and upload results to the paired Withing’s app. With highly advanced sensors embedded in the system, the Withings Body Scan can scan the arms, legs, and torso to get a complete picture of the user’s overall fitness level and body composition.

Embedded technology can track neurological health by scanning small nerve activity through the feet, while the heart scanner can measure arterial age for improved heart health. Users can upload data to the provided Withings app to track trends and changes over time. The app can also connect users with medical doctors and transmit data straight to the doctor’s office. The Withings Body Scan app can create a personalized health plan to improve overall health and fitness based on an individual’s health evaluation. The Withings Body Scan is still in development but is expected to be released in the second half of 2022.

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