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C Seed N1 Sculptural Folding TV

Experience The Future Of Home Entertainment With The C SEED N1 Sculptural Folding TV

The TV rises and unfolds to reveal a magnificent 137-inch MicroLED display.

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$ 200,000+

C SEED, a trailblazer in luxury TV solutions, is set to dazzle the world with its groundbreaking N1 Sculptural Folding TV at CES 2024. Imagine transforming your living space into the ultimate home entertainment center. The N1 4K 137-inch indoor TV is a game changer, offering versatility beyond limits. Whether in front of a glass window or against a wall, its user-friendly and adaptable design redefines your space, creating “wow” moments for your family and guests.

The C Seed N1 Sculptural Folding TV is the first of its kind and stands to revolutionize home entertainment by seamlessly unfolding into a mesmerizing sculpture with the touch of a button. In just 85 seconds, it rises to a towering 7.8 feet and unfurls five panels to unveil a monumental 137-inch MicroLED display. The MicroLED technology enhances brightness and color vibrancy, delivering an unmatched viewing experience.

The N1 TV boasts integrated audio and the Adaptive Gap Calibration, ensuring flawless picture quality. It can rotate 180 degrees left and right, catering to all viewing angles. When not in use, it discreetly retracts into its base, mimicking a piece of luxury furniture.

Engineered and crafted in Austria, the N1 TV comes in C SEED Silver and C SEED Champagne colors, with screen sizes of 165, 137, and 103 inches. It offers an “all in one” solution without the need for installation.

The C SEED N1 Sculptural Folding TV continues the legacy of excellence established by C SEED’s award-winning C SEED 201 TV by Porsche Design Studio. The 137-inch foldable display TV is available for $200,000 and promises to redefine the luxury TV experience, setting it apart from mass-produced alternatives. There is also the 165-inch option available for $300,000. With limited availability and a six-month wait period, owning a C SEED N1 TV ensures you possess one of the world’s rarest and most innovative TVs.

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