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Discover Nature’s Secrets With Swarovski Optik AX Visio Smart Binoculars

Designed by world-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson.

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$ 4,799

Swarovski Optik is rewriting the rules of smart binoculars with the groundbreaking AX Visio Smart Binoculars, the world’s first AI-supported binoculars. These binoculars represent the perfect fusion of high-performance long-range optics and digital intelligence, designed by the renowned industrial designer Marc Newson. The Swarovski Optik AX Visio Smart Binoculars redefine nature observation by combining high-precision analog optics with intelligent technology, enabling real-time identification of over 9,000 birds and wildlife species.

These smart binoculars feature a built-in camera for capturing photos and videos, which can be effortlessly managed and shared via the Swarovski Optik Outdoor App. An exciting “Share discoveries” function within the app lets users guide others to the observed objects, making wildlife spotting a collaborative experience. The device comprises 390 hardware parts, with analog components meeting sustainable standards.

The AX Visio Smart Binoculars are a testament to innovation and design, offering a modern appearance, intuitive handling, and ergonomic comfort. They are the result of five years of dedicated research and development, delivering a seamless blend of technology and nature exploration.

For enthusiasts, these binoculars offer a dream come true—swiftly identifying wildlife with a click of a button. They eliminate the complexities of identification and enhance the joy of birding and wildlife observation. However, this level of technology and precision comes at a premium, with the Swarovski Optik AX Visio priced at $4,799, available for purchase in February 2024. These smart binoculars are a game-changer, providing a new world of wildlife observation to those who seek the extraordinary.

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